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Digestive System & Liver Cleanse

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Full Body Cleansing and Restoration


One-Day Gastro-Intestinal Cleanse
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This ZenCleanz ONE® enzyme cleanse kit is composed of ultra refined enzymes that has been cultivated following a traditional and all natural method. The 3 blends that composed this kit have been put together by TCM experts in order to address and remove, in a single day, all the stubborn intestinal mucoid-plaque that has accumulated on your intestinal walls over the years.

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Price: $299

Gastro-Intestinal Cleanse

If it happens that you are near an accredited ZenCleanz® Cleansing Center come and experience a few days of care. At first we will make you go through the ZenCleanz ONE® protocol to clear your intestine and will pamper you all day long.


Price: $675 for 2 days


Digestive System & Liver Cleanse (7-Day+)

This 7-Day+ program goes in depth into the cleansing of your gastro-intestinal system by pursuing the work initiated by the ZenCleanz ONE® with more powerful enzymes and we follow with the ZenCleanz FORGIVE® designed to address your precious Liver. The liver is the largest glandular organ in the body and performs multiple critical functions to keep the body pure of toxins and harmful substances. It is our largest internal organ, and it works hard to keep us healthy. For this it is responsible of over 500 functions. Since it filters harmful toxins and other toxic wastes, this organ is at great risk of contamination. We cannot insist too much on how important it is to cleanse the liver on a regular base.

While we will cleanse deeply your digestive tract with ZenCleanz ONE® and other products we will lead you through the ZenCleanz FORGIVE® protocol specially designed to deeply cleanse your liver and to free it from harmful toxins and gallstones.

    Price: $1975 for 7 days


    Respiratory System Cleanse (9-Day+)

    The lung is obviously an important organ. Their main function is to participate in gas exchange, to prevent alveolar collapse, and also to filter out toxic matters. The environment in which we live in nowadays confronts us with air pollution, second-hand smoke and a much lower level of oxygen than we used to a few decades ago. The lungs need to be even more efficient to absorb oxygen and release toxic gases. To go through regular lung detoxification is an essential maintenance practice.

    This program is designed to deeply cleanse the respiratory system. While using various enzymes we will make you go through the ZenCleanz BREATHE® 9-day protocol that is specially designed for this purpose. 
This cleanse is in continuity of the other shorter programs so it also includes ZenCleanz ONE® and ZenCleanz FORGIVE®

      Price: $2725 for 9 days

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      Full Body Cleansing and Restoration (14-Day+)

      The Full Body Cleansing and Restoration Program is a true life changing experience. Due to the length of the cleansing period, it gives sufficient time to the protocol to clear the entire digestive tract and penetrate other organs and tissues. When a cleanse reaches such a depth it starts to nibble on extra, unnecessary, and threatening particles that have accumulated in your body organs and tissues that may interfere in their functions. It also gives enough time to our other treatments and activities to enhance the efficiency of the natural cleansing systems of the body. In this program, all the organs and tissues are being addressed and all excretory organs constantly stimulated and cleared. This is the minimum requirement to face your most disturbing or threatening health issues!

      The complete ZenCleanz® enzyme arsenal is used during this program!

        Price: $3725 for 14 days

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        Weight Loss (14-Day+)

        Our Weight Loss Program, unlike most of the multiple programs on the market nowadays is designed to improve your health. Many causes are linked to being overweight: Toxicity, Inflammation, Endocrine Imbalances, Emotional Compensation, an inappropriate Diet according to one’s Lifestyle, and a Lack of Physical Activities.

        There are four segments to our program:

          • Body Cleanse
          • Nutritional Advices
          • Emotional Management
          • Fitness Program

          The first step of our program aims to purify the system through a deep cleanse and to also send a very encouraging message to the psyche by dramatically reducing the weight. The following step of our method consists in engaging our patient in a health maintenance program that implies a close analysis of the diet that will lead to point out the flaws that lead to accumulations of fat. From there we proceed to advices and adjustments of the diet that will harmonize better with one’s lifestyle. Finally, along with the patient, we will design a fitness program that will be in alignment with one personal taste.

          Price: $3975 for 14 days

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          What Do the Programs Include?

          Each program Add following days


          Extra Services

          • Counseling Sessions on Nutrition and Lifestyle (Included in the Weight Loss Program)
          • $150
          • Blood Testing
          • $300
          • Chi Nei Tsang (Deep Abdominal Energy Massage / Applied Qi Gong)
          • $100
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