Power of Nature
Delivered Straight to your Cells

More then targeting your well-being we are blending true healing, rejuvenating and anti-aging products.

ZenCleanz® produts are designed to bring observable results within a short time because of the combination of Wisdom, Science and top quality ingredients that we use to reach the targets.

Food Supplements

Nature provides all the nutrients one needs and delivers them with a synergy that can hardly be reached by either extracting and concentrating them. At ZenCleanz® we work along with the Wisdom of nature and simply make its nutrients more bioavailable through a long fermentation process. That means that you don’t even need to digest them, they go straight into your blood and all the way up to your cells.


Nutrients Delivered Directly Where They Are Needed

3-Year Fermentation Process For a Complete Absorption
Addressing Health Issues
from the Roots
Enzymes Work Intelligently To Deliver Just What You Need
No Need for Complicated Thinking Around Nutrients Anymore

With the ZenCleanz® enzyme products there is no need anymore to try to target.
We of course will suggest some options but at the end of the days

Here is One that we designed for that purpose


For Maintenance and Restoration of
Your Nutrient Deficiencies
A Mix of 60 Fruits, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Herbs and Seaweed


You are NOT what you eat, you are what you absorb!
This just had to be said!


A Vibrant health simply starts with a cleanse

All the goods of life produce toxic wastes. Food, feces; Sport, lactic acid; Oxygen, CO2 etc. Whatever the good habits you implement in your life, you still need to detox. Detox is a way of life and it is a necessary part of a healthy regimen.

Body cleansing or body detoxing is a time you offer yourself either to follow a program or simply a moment during the day that you consciously ingest a cleansing agent or move out toxins of your body.

ZenCleanz® has put together a true revolution in the field by designing short and yet the most efficient enzyme cleansing kits and liquid super-enzymes available at this date.

Detoxing with ZenCleanz® enzymes is 
walking the fine line between efficiency and ease!

Completing the Unfinished Digestion Process
Restoring and Feeding your Inner Intestinal Lining and Flora

You Are Witnessing The Revolution Of Cleansing!

Weight Loss

Your Weight is Getting Out of Control 
Your Inner Balance is
Getting Out of Control

Our Weight Loss Program, unlike most of the multiple programs on the market nowadays is designed to improve your health. Many causes are linked to being overweight: Toxicity, Inflammation, Endocrinal Imbalances, Emotional Compensation, an inappropriate Diet according to one’s Lifestyle, and a Lack of Physical Activities.

There are four segments to our program:

Body Cleanse (Get the Weight Loss Program Products)

Nutritional Advices
(Fill the Questionnaire)

Emotional Management
(Book a Therapist)

Fitness Program
(Fill the Questionnaire)

The first step of our program aims to purify the system through a deep cleanse and to also send a very encouraging message to the psyche by dramatically and quickly reducing the weight. The following step of our method consists in engaging our patient in a health maintenance program that implies a close analysis of the diet that will lead to point out the flaws that lead to accumulations of fat. From there we proceed with advices and adjustments of the diet that will harmonize better with one’s lifestyle. Finally, along with the patient, we will design a fitness program that will be in alignment with one personal taste.

Digestion and Intestinal

You Are Not What You Eat! You Are What You Digest and Absorb!

What you eat is actually only the raw material of what in reality feeds you. In order to nourish you, the food that you ingest needs to be broken down and transformed into bioavailable substances. Materials are broken down as they move through the digestive tract through the power of digestive enzymes. The digestive system contains several organs through which food travels: the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine and also includes other organs, such as the pancreas, liver, and gall bladder; all release enzymes and other compounds that are necessary for digestion but also for restoration.

The secretion of enzymes from one individual to another is not equal and it fades with aging. At the root of every function, action and reaction happening in your body are enzymes. There are either metabolic or digestive enzymes. We cannot supplement metabolic enzymes but we can with digestive enzymes by taking food enzymes. By doing so you release the body from the burden of secreting digestive enzymes and allow it to invest his power in fueling your metabolic functions. Yes! Everyone should be supplementing with enzymes!

Both mechanical and chemical digestion begin in the mouth. The teeth break food into small pieces. The lips and tongue position food so that you can chew. When food is in your mouth, salivary glands in your mouth release enzyme filled saliva, which softens the food and begins digestion. The tongue pushes the food to the back of the mouth and down the throat while swallowing.

You are NOT what you eat, you are what you absorb!
This just had to be said!

Energy Booster

Every Ingredient Upgraded Into Superfood!

When a plant is fermented for so long, all its nutrients have been refined to a level that makes
then super active and super bioavailable. They can then penetrate the blood

cells and tissues and fuel them with all their might!
And now, imagine when before the fermentation they were already outstanding!

Of course that all we need is Love …
But what about a strong immune system, some Stamina, and Sex Drive?

Energy Boosters and Superfood are surely marketing nomenclatures for natural foods that simply contain a particularly high amount of nutrients. Among these we talk about antioxidants, which are thought to ward off aging and so many illnesses linked to free radicals and cell oxidation.

They also have healthy fats essential in the prevention of heart diseases, fibers big players in the case of diabetes and digestive problems.

Another category that they are known to be abundant are phytochemicals — the chemicals in plants responsible for deep colors and smells, which can have numerous health benefits. Consuming foods that are packed with nutrients is certainly a good idea.

Metabolism Restoration

When Your Body Functions Start to Fade
It is Not Because of Aging
It is Because Through Time, 
Blockages Got on The Way
or simply
Because You Are Running Out of Fuel...

Enzymes are the Fuel of Your Metabolic Actions and Reactions!
Supplement and See Quick Results!

True! We cannot supplement metabolic enzymes but since it is mainly the same organs that are producing both the digestive and metabolic enzymes by supplementing with external food enzymes we remove the burden of digestion on those organs that can focus on producing the metabolic ones. Especially because most food consumed is cooked it is a lot of work to digest and over time it becomes a main cause of metabolic dysfunctions. As soon as you will supplement with the ZenCleanz super-enzymes you should notice you metabolism strengthening. This is true rejuvenation!

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