A Vibrant health simply starts with a Cleanse

  All the goods of life produce toxic wastes. Food, feces; Sport, lactic acid; Oxygen, CO2 etc. Whatever the good habits you implement in your life, you still need to detox. Detox is a way of life and it is a necessary part of a healthy regimen. Body cleansing or body detoxing is a time you offer yourself either to follow a program or simply a moment during the day that you consciously ingest a cleansing agent or move out toxins of your body. ZenCleanz®has put together a true revolution in the field by designing short and yet the most efficient enzyme cleansing kits and liquid super-enzymes available at this date.  



Detoxing with ZenCleanz® enzymes is
walking the fine line between efficiency and ease!


Completing the Unfinished Digestion Process: The wonderful part of working with enzymes for cleansing is that it doesn’t interrupt neither the nutrition of your blood and cells, nor that it strips off all your gut flora in order to get rid of the inconvenient layers … It simply completes the digestive process of the undigested foods and mucus that has accumulated on your intestinal walls and that are threatening the good functioning of your digestive system.


Restoring and Feeding your Inner Intestinal Lining and Flora: The ZenCleanz® super-enzymes while working on clearing clean your digestive system also bring in the essential elements to heal and restore your intestinal lining and flora (microbiome) that may have suffered from irritation, inflammation, or other damages.




  • ZenCleanz ONE (organismipuhastus)

    Komplekti kuuluvad ensüümid puhastavad ühe päevaga kogu seedekulgla (sh söögitoru, mao, peensoole, käärsoole, maksa) sinna kogunenud ebasobivatest jääkidest. Selle tagajärjel paraneb seedeprotsess.  Lisaks seedekulglale toimivad ensüümid ka teistes elundites ja...
  • ZenCleanz FORGIVE (maksapuhastus)

    Ühepäevane maksapuhastus kuur toetab maksa tööd ja soodustab toksiinide väljutamist. Ensüümid soodustavad soolestiku puhastumist jääkainetest. Ensüümid aitavad lõhustada kolesterooli ja vähendada selle sisaldust vereseerumis. Kuuri tulemusena taastub keha energia.  ...
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